HEF Community Advisory Committee

The HEF prioritizes projects that are community-led, and relies on a group of community members to help identify funding priorities, select partner organizations to receive funding, and shape how we measure success in our health equity work.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) serves key leadership roles in the HEF, including:

  • Reviewing partner nominations and recommending projects for funding
  • Informing how we measure success for individual projects and for the HEF as a whole
  • Helping to revise the process for future funding decisions
  • Identifying ways the HEF can better connect to diverse organizations working to promote health equity and racial justice in our communities.

The members of the CAC have relevant personal and professional experience with health disparities and will prioritize what projects the HEF will invest in.

The Richmond Health Equity Fund is seeking community members with professional and/or lived experience with health challenges in Richmond, especially in the areas of mental and behavioral health and food access, to join our Community Advisory Committee. This role is compensated!
HEF CAC members will work to select partner organizations to receive funding, and inform gaps in the application pool for consideration during future funding cycles, all to enhance investment in community health and health equity initiatives. 

Please contact saraya.perry@vdh.virginia.gov with any questions or concerns.

Interested in serving? Fill out the brief application linked below by Feb. 4th!